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Family law and estate planning in Chandler, AZ

Legal issues can be troubling, especially when they involve the family. For professional, compassionate legal assistance through matters involving family law, juvenile law and estate planning in the Chandler, Arizona area, rely on the Law Office of Rebekah S. Bell, PLLC.

Rebekah considers the needs of her clients and offers caring, effective legal counsel and representation in many areas of legal practice. To learn more about how the Law Office of Rebekah S. Bell can help you, call today for a free 30 minute telephone consultation.

How will your family be affected by divorce?

Family law in Chandler, AZ

Rebekah has helped many families through the legal procedures of divorce, child custody and other family law matters. She understands that this is a very personal and stressful matter, and she offers compassionate, effective legal services to get you through this troubling time. Call today to speak with an experienced family law attorney in Chandler, AZ about divorce or other family law matters.

Have you made plans for your estate?

Speak with an estate planning attorney in Chandler, AZ

Proper estate planning through wills and/or trusts will give you peace of mind knowing your end-of-life care and disbursement of your assets will be executed according to your wishes. It will also make the probate process much easier and cheaper for your family. Learn how you can make valid, comprehensive plans for your estate by calling the Law Office of Rebekah S. Bell today.

Juvenile Law

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. When children make incriminating decisions, Rebekah is ready to help. Rebekah has years of experience helping minors who are facing criminal charges, and she works tirelessly to minimize the consequences of having a criminal conviction on record.

Rebekah is also very experienced in juvenile dependency cases, as defined by the state of Arizona. When children need an advocate, it’s important to go to someone trustworthy. Rebekah will fight for you to keep the right to raise your child or to help you get reunited with your child.

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