Estate Laws cover Wills and Trusts and you shouldn’t ignore them.

When we die, there is always the potential for conflict among those we leave behind as they work through the process of dividing our assets. Your relatives and friends might find themselves at a crossroads about how to distribute and manage your Estate upon your death.

There are many details that go into Estate Planning and management; this is why individuals seek out Estate Planning lawyers. These attorneys understand how to put in place a plan of succession and division of assets upon a client’s death.

In Arizona, Estate Planning laws are complicated; if you are a resident in the area or own assets within the state, a lawyer will come in handy.

Upon your death, the State of Arizona allows your assets to be divided among beneficiaries according to your wishes. Should you die intestate, probate court gets to decide how your assets will be managed and distributed.

Rebekah S. Bell is a dedicated Estate Planning attorney who has spent years of her career serving residents of Arizona. She has a reputation for honesty, integrity, and care of her clients. At the Law Office of Rebekah S. Bell, we firmly believe that a decedent’s wishes should be respected.

You’ve worked hard during your lifetime. Don’t let improper planning effect your family’s legacy. At the Law Office of Rebekah S. Bell, we work together with financial planners and tax advisers to create a well-drafted estate plan that ensures the disbursement of your assets will be executed according to your wishes.

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